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remember when I was bummed about the lack of cold brew in coronado? turns out there's a spot 5 minutes from my work 😅 Claytons coffeeshop is a full service restaurant, but they have a walk up coffee stand on the side wall. their cold brew is from @cafemoto, delivered in what looks like a gasoline container and named "coop central american mix". the first sip woke me up - not because of the caffeine, but because of how bitter it was! this bummed me out, since I rated other brews made from @cafemoto beans like @coffeecheerscoldbrew and @cuppacuppashack so highly. as the ice melted and the brew became more diluted, I was able to enjoy it more and even taste of the chocolate and caramel notes - but, if I dont enjoy every sip of my brew, first to last, it's a problem. if you add cream and sugar to your brew this works out perfect, but for the cold brew newbies, wait ten minutes before consuming - 2.75/5


I kept hearing word and excitement from baristas that Coava coffee was coming to San Diego, and that when they opened I needed to check them out ASAP. After visiting them today, I can see why. Their modern, niche cafe is located in the heart of Downtown and of their many menu options, cold brew is one of them. •☕️• At first I had to clarify with the barista - their menu says "iced coffee", but she assured me it was cold brew. Two different single origins were available: a Hondurus on ice and a Kenyan on nitro. Both were stepped for 12 hours at a RTD ratio. •☕️• The Hondurus was too acidic for me, so I went with the nitro Kenyan - a good choice. It had a wonderful berry taste without the usual acidity that comes with those types of flavor notes. Smooth, refreshing, with a small nitro head. 4.25/5 •☕️• Coava coffee really prides themselves on using direct trade, single origin beans. If their attention to that quality goes across the board for all their menu offerings, San Diego has a great new coffee shop in store for them. My only request? Change the "iced coffee" to "cold brew". 😁

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